Ever wish you could dive into the behind-the-scenes from your favorite Netflix shows or Video Games? Now you can. Art of the Title is a website featuring title sequences (intros for TV or movies) that can be used as inspiration from titles such as Stranger Things, Back to the Future and more.

From Art of the Title:

Art of the Title is the definitive resource for title sequence design, spanning the film, television, conference, and videogame industries. Featuring title design from countries around the world, we honour the creators and innovators who contribute to the field, discussing and displaying their work with a desire to explicate, facilitate, and instigate.

How can you use it as a resource in your church?

Inspiration for:

  • Sermon Series Titles or Introductions
  • Video Announcements
  • Mini movie (short film) inspiration
  • Social Media Graphics

If you do in-house video production or simply want some creative ideas from industry experts in the film field, be sure to bookmark this link!

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