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You are not alone. The Pro Church Media Community is made up of churches, creators, designers, leaders, and supporters all over the world. We believe it is important to learn, laugh and collaborate with one another in all that we do. This year, we are introducing more steps to involve our community members as we grow and reach more for God!

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Take It Or Leave It | Stephen Houk

Join us as we learn more about the behind-the-scenes from church creatives in the Pro Church Media Community. Stephen Houk is our host and will be having real-life conversations with church designers, PCM University instructors, small business owners, freelancers and more!

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Latest Episodes

Episode 4: Josh Engler

Josh Engler is the Creative Director for Grace Avenue Church in San Antonio, Texas. He is a gifted singer, songwriter, and performer and is also the instructor for the PCMU Course: Worship Song Writing. In today’s episode, Josh talks about the importance of worship and preparing the heart in seeking God each and every day.

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Episode 3: Chase Eggenberger

From Alabama to Memphis, and Valets to Social Designer, Chase Eggenberger is using his skill and influence at The Life Church in Memphis, TN. Listen to today‚Äôs episode and discover something you can start applying to your life and work today! To see more of Chase’s awesome design work, visit him on Instagram @chasecreate

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Episode 2: JJ Getz

Get a behind-the-scenes look into the world of freelance design with JJ Getz! This episode is all about being brave and staying curious in the creative world. To see more of JJ’s awesome design work, visit her on Instagram @jj_designs_stuff.

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Episode 1: Jason Watson

Get a behind-the-scenes look into design and animation from Jason Watson! Jason is an instructor for Pro Church Media University and has worked in the church media world as a producer for over 10 years. He now works with companies like Google and Toyota to help tell their message through stories and video.

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