Kayla Harris Exclusive Interview

How would you describe where you are in life right now and how does that affect what you create?

Currently I’m in a place of a lot of new things all at the same time. I guess you could say I’m in a fresh season while also in a busy season. It does affect what I create because I’m able to bring new ideas to the team but I also have to make sure I’m intentional with each task I sit down to do. It’s easy to get lost in the fast paced world of creative ministry. But, I find inspiration in the day to day. Normally if I’m feeling a bit drained I’ll just take a couple hours and go on my favorite photography sites or take a stroll around the hipster part of my town.

Describe your typical schedule, what do you do in a typical day/week?

I work Monday-Thursday, 9-5 and then Saturdays and Sundays, the hours vary depending on my role for a service that weekend. During the week I’m designing a lot of print church wide, I handle all the design for our women’s ministry, and all the design for our college. On the weekends my main role is photography. So that includes taking pictures and co-leading the team.

Describe one thing you wish everyone knew about working in the creative ministry field and why it is important.

Even though it’s the creative field it’s still ministry. It’s still hard work, maybe even under pay. People are still people. It’s important to know that because I believe in order to work in creative ministry it takes special kind of people, people who are called to it. Also, I wish everyone knew the amount of changes that happen before it gets to the end. I almost wish I saved every single version so I could make a video at the end. It’s crazy but definitely part of the process!

What has been one of the most frustrating parts of creative church ministry for you or your team? How did you overcome it?

Balancing between wanting to do what’s cool and relevant while still communicating the heart of our house. We overcome this by refocusing, regrouping, and ultimately making sure we’re not trying to communicate another church’s vision over our own. Our number one job is to creatively demonstrate what God is doing at Celebration. Once we set our minds to that we can figure out the best way to go about how to do it creatively. 

What keeps you going in creative ministry? 

When things get tough, demands get high, and my everyday becomes mundane I remember why we’re doing it. It’s nothing like seeing someone’s hand go up for salvation or seeing someone encountering God at the altar.

If you have (or could) build a creative team or atmosphere, what are some of the key elements you would include?

I would include Bean bag chairs, scooters, a bookshelf full of magazines and creative books, whiteboard walls, and those cool desks that can go from sitting to standing. Basically a google office vibe haha. Brain breaks are so important!

Describe your work environment and what helps you thrive in it

Our creative department works in one big office. Film, digital media, design, and communications plus all the directors who oversee those departments. We have a big long table with a tv for meetings and team lunches. This makes it very easy to collaborate and get healthy criticism. Instead of walking down the hall I can walk to the next desk. Sometimes things can get a little rowdy but that’s when headphones come into play.

Describe how your creative team works

We use a task managing system called Asana. We have a project manager who communicates with all departments on their creatives needs then puts it in Asana. We work on the project then submit it. Our over site approves it or gives critiques, then we work on how to get it to a congregant. Whether it’s sending it to be printed, sending it to our social media team, or sending it to our tech team so they can get it ready for the screens.

Kayla Harris

Designer for Celebration Church

I’m a creative artist based in Jacksonville, FL. The main mediums I create through are photography and design. I’m currently on staff at Celebration Church as a graphic designer. I am inspired by the simple moments in life. I like to make the ordinary look extraordinary. I believe in doing everything in excellence.