Juliet Towner Exclusive Interview

How would you describe where you are in life right now and how does that affect what you create?

I’m currently in a hectic stage of life. I have a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old and I work at home. I love what I do, but am sometimes tired beyond reason. 

What has been one of the most frustrating parts of creative church ministry for you or your team? How did you overcome it?

In my current position I have to critique and approve designs. I have a very hard time giving critical feedback. I have to constantly remind myself that constructive feedback is a good thing. The feedback that I have gotten from my friends and clients has been invaluable to me.

What keeps you going in creative ministry? 

I love my work. I love seeing what other designers are creating and being inspired to create. I love being alone in a room with my computer and not having to think about anything other than design. 

Worst moments. Best Moments. What are yours?

Worst = Bad design days / weeks / months. I don’t know why they happen, but they’re inevitable. Procrastination feels pretty awful too. I hate wasting time when I have such a tight schedule. Unfortunately this goes hand in hand with creativity for me. 

Describe your work/life balance. 

This season of life is the most hectic yet. I always feel like I’m failing in at least one major area of my life. If I’m up to date on critiques and assignments for my team, I’m usually behind on my own design projects. If my kitchen is clean, my children are unraveling toilet paper across the rest of the house or emptying the garbage can onto the floor. I am a perfectionist. I have to give myself some grace, and let things go that don’t matter in the long run. 

Describe your work environment and what helps you thrive in it.

I recently gave up my office to my daughter and moved my work area into my bedroom. I love my new space. It’s much more simple and lacks the clutter of my large desk. I’m also completely cut off from the area where my kids play during the work day. The less distractions the better. 

Tell us the behind the scenes of the projects that come to life and we only see the end product. What do you wish we knew?

Behind every design that Sharefaith releases there is a team of creatives. I research topics and scriptures, pick a title and find design inspiration. A designer comes up with some comps, we pick a direction and then usually work through a few rounds of critiques. They then ship off about 20 variations of that design. From there we have motion graphics, trifold bulletins, flyers and newsletters created from the design. We have an incredibly talented team! I am so proud of our work.

Juliet Towner

Creative Director at ShareFaith

Juliet is an experienced designer who specializes in creating art to help churches connect with their communities.

She has been in the design field for over a decade and am well experienced in print and web design, as well as video editing and motion graphics.