Church Font Guide

Title building, font pairing, presentation fonts + more

We know that picking out the right font for a church series graphic or social media post can seem like an impossible (or at least very time consuming) task. So, we have created a guide that shares our community's top fonts. Not only will you find the fonts we recommend, but also links directly to the font downloads. Plus, we added FREE editable PSDs so that you can download our exact layouts (with recommended font size, kerning, etc.) as templates for your own designs.

Check out our latest fonts on Tooolkit created by our very own church media community pros!

Tooolkit Fonts

Check out the latest fonts crafted by Church Media Creatives


Featuring: Popular Christmas Fonts

Title Font: Black Diamond ($)
Sub-head Font: League Gothic (free)
Title Font: Selfie ($)
Sub-head Font: Arial Black (free)
Title Font: Beloved Script ($)
Sub-head Font: Museo Sans (Typekit)
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Font Layout Design

Title Font: Flabbergast ($)
Paragraph Font: Proxima Nova (Typekit)
Title Font: Lust Script (Typekit)
Paragraph Font: Minion Pro (Typekit)
Title Font: TT Bluescreens ($)
Paragraph Font: Arquitecta ($$)
Title Font: Abrade ($$)
Paragraph Font: Fanwood (free)
Title Font: Aerokids ($ – On Sale)
Paragraph Font: Open Sans (free)
Title Font: Didot Italic ($$ / free)
Paragraph Font: Roboto (free)


Update your worship + scripture slides with fresh fonts