11 Awesome Wallpapers for our Community

One of the things we love the most about the Pro Church Media Community is the heart of our group members and their love for the church and each other. Many of you have shared your ideas, experience and knowledge with one another and this year we are going to help our community do that even more. This week, we will be launching into an exciting new season for Pro Church Media and we hope you will join with us. To kick us off, we are going to be partnering more and more with all of you and we couldn’t be more excited!

This week, Adam Gil has put together 11 beautiful wallpapers for everyone to use on their phones or on social media. These hand-crafted designs use custom photography taken by Adam and paired with fun & unique messages that will for sure keep you and your team motivated.

Be sure to thank Adam with a follow on social media and by checking out more of his work: adamcgil.com  | @adamcgil@acg.design

*To save these to your phone, simply select one and save or right-click to save these to you computer.


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