Do you relate to any of these Christmas wish lists?

Just for fun we created 4 wish lists based on our communities favorite items for Christmas (and all year-round). Some of them are church media must-haves, some are essential gear and a few are simply fan favorites. So look at the lists and the descriptions and let us know which “Church Media Personality” is most like you.

Looking for last-minute gifts? We made sure to add each item so you can learn more about them. We picked everything from places that provide super-fast shipping, so you can still get it all in time for Christmas! (Full disclaimer, when applicable we add affiliate links which helps us buy a cup of coffee on super busy days!)

Do you have a favorite Christmas gift for your church media team? Be sure to join our community and share your essentials, fan favorites and must-haves!

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You have opinions on fonts, color palettes and proper kerning. You know why using a Micron pen even for meeting notes is the way to go, but you also have special writing tools for everything from your tablet to your sketch books. You may have been called the “maker of shiny things” at least once but while you might roll your eyes, it’s OK, because you love to create things for your church.


  1. Wacom Bamboo Tablet (or other similar tablets) is an essential for many designers who like the precision of using a pen for their design work.
  2. Pencil by FiftyThree Digital for those of you who own an iPad and are into hand-lettering with the ProCreate App.
  3. Magma Sketchbook: Design + Art Direction These are cool sketchbooks for designers that go beyond just blank pages but, incorporate practical tools throughout.
  4. Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder A fan favorite for those of you who need lots of USB connections but also like to have a perfect place for your favorite headphones.
  5. Wooden iPhone Stand Trendy natural wood stand to prop up your iPhone (just be sure to measure your phone size before grabbing one for yourself!)
  6. Micron Pens Essential for most designers who love the pens’ archival PIGMA ink which is waterproof, fade resistant and doesn’t bleed.
  7. House Industries Graph Pad 40 acid-free sheets of graph paper great for sketching out plans and ideas.
  8. Pantone Universe To-Go Cup Need we say more? Pick from 6 different pantone colors to find your go-to designer favorite cup.


You’re an organizing ninja. While your schedule may be packed, you are always on time and ready to go. You thrive in fast-paced environments and somehow get all your projects on the calendar with all the necessary details to get them done.


  1. Productivity Planner based on goal-setting, reviewing your progress and focus. Great for task-oriented planning and personal accountability.
  2. Muji 60 ColoRed Pencils For planners who like to keep track of their schedules with color coding, these pencils are vibrant with lots of colors to choose from.
  3. Cube-Shaped Digital Desk Clock A small desk clock that has a built-in features such as adjustable brightness, time, date, temperature info and voice sensitivity.
  4. Cell Phone Stand Our community + social media schedulers love this stand to easily move back and forth from their work computer and phones as they are creating content, getting notifications or scheduling.
  5. Wooden Creative Calendar + Pen Holder Save space on your desk and keep your calendar dates references handy with simple, minimalist desk storage.
  6. Field Notes A Fan Favorite! These are handy memo books that are perfect for quick note-taking and meetings.
  7. Field Notes Refillable Leather Cover Durable + Stylish cover for your note-taking with either the Field Notes or Moleskin Notebooks.
  8. Very Busy Travel Mug Just for fun, but we all know it’s true. For the coffee and tea drinkers whose schedule is always on-the-go.


Your gear is basically an extension of yourself. You know what it’s like to have to get up super early or stay up super late to get the right lighting/environment/set-up for your shots. You may have a lot of essentials on your gear list – but it’s all worth it to serve your church by capturing amazing moments and sharing them with others.


  1. Slim Urban Backpack A fan favorite because of the removable FlexPocket system and multiple pockets perfect for custom gear carry.
  2. Neutral Density Filters Essential photography gear, ND filters reduce the amount of light entering your camera, enabling a longer exposure time. A great starter 3-pack with lots of size options.
  3. Lightweight Manfrotto Monopod Anyone who has carried a tripod knows that those things get heavy, we like this lightweight monopod for quick, on-the-go shoots.
  4. Genuine Leather Camera Neck Strap Trendy + durable neck strap made of genuine leather. Great for an upgrade for your favorite DSLR.
  5. Canon Mark IV DSLR A fan favorite (but we know a little crazy for a wish list) but since gear is always top priority, this camera is an awesome addition for any church media team.
  6. Memory Card Protective Hard Case No matter what kind of card you are using, we highly recommend these hard cases for both the durability and the safe-keeping of your memory cards.
  7. G-Drive Slim Portable SSD Drive One of our top-recommended SSD drives for offloading memory cards in-between photo shoots.
  8. Portable Camera Mount Slider Lightweight and foldable camera slider for getting smooth shots. A good base kit that is affordable.
  9. Camera Lens Thermos Mug Don’t forget your coffee! A fun gift for any photographer in your life.


Let’s be honest, you are a team of one. Since you have multiple responsibilities your main wish list contains time-saving essentials that let you do all of your tasks just a little bit quicker. Your gear tends to be minimalistic so that you can streamline and get the most you can done for your church.


  1. Grid-It Wrap Cases All your tablet/laptop gear stored in one space, we love this tablet bag for keeping everything in one-place + organized.
  2. Minimalist Planner A simple straight-forward planner with plenty of room to write out notes and make lists.
  3. Swell Teakwood Bottle A fan favorite, a stylish way to stay hydrated all day long.
  4. Keychain + Headphone Wrap Combo an easy way to keep your headphones close-by for when you need them.
  5. Lightning to USB foldout keychain Who else loses their phone charger all the time? We love this portable and cordless way to keep charged anywhere.
  6. Minimalist Notepad Checklist – A sleek and easy way to keep your to-do list.
  7. Portable Mini Self Fill Light Need a quick video announcement? We love these little portable LED ring lights for an easy way to capture social videos.
  8. 902s Canvas Backpack A great gear pack that is also lightweight but carries all of your essentials.
Be sure to share which one sounds like you or your favorite church media friend! (And, it's totally OK to be more than one!)
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