Charise Orozco

Design + Film Director of Celebration Church
How would you describe where you are in life right now and how does that affect what you create?

I’m almost 37 and I’ve been in ministry for almost 20 years at this point. Which means my perspective is very different than those just getting in the fight. This affects what I choose to work on and in the manner in which I work. I have WAY MORE options and margin in this season, so my work is more intentional.

Describe your typical schedule, what do you do in a typical day/week?

We work a regular 9-5. My day is spent in meetings hearing vision to take back to my teams and gaining perspective for upcoming events and series.

Describe one thing you wish everyone knew about working in the creative ministry field and why it is important:

Creative Ministry is like a daily crucifixion on your pride & your preferences. It’s difficult, it’s not for everyone, and if you can’t deal with change and countless edits, stick to some other work.

Describe how you find inspiration and inspire your team:

I pray, a lot.  I am firm believer that inspiration isn’t found, it’s a constant state of awareness that God is moving and speaking and we are meant be listening…and that awareness leaves you living inspired. So when we are looking for a look for a series or trying to flesh out ideas, I ask my team questions like, “What did God say about it? Have you prayed about it? What do you feel the Holy Spirit is saying about this look or video or website?” Pinterest and Behance may be a place for the passing trends, but the Holy Spirit knows the hearts of men. And that’s what I want my team to tap into.

What has been one of the most frustrating parts of creative arts/creative ministry for you or your team? How did you overcome it?

For us, having to deal with not getting enough vision at the front end was an issue as it meant we worked on projects that weren’t anywhere near meeting the need. It was also mostly OUR fault as we didn’t ask the right questions, we didn’t give complete pitches and we defaulted to preferences. So, we have gotten great at being proactive and asking the right questions. We have taken the time to learn our leadership and speak their language. Once we did that, work became easier, lighter and more intentional.

Describe your work/life balance:

My husband and I are both in the ministry and we have no kids so my personal balance will be weird for most as we work a lot. But when I’m home, I’m home! Computer is off, I don’t respond to emails and I turn my creative mind off and make dinner and do laundry.

What is one creative tool you cannot live without. Why?

My Bible. Before I start any project whether its writing a script or a series design I ask God to show me what HE wants to say & how he wants to say it.

What keeps you going in creative ministry?

My team. Everything you do in ministry, in life is attached to people, and my team is my greatest joy in this season of my life.  I have never laughed more, cried more, or felt more accomplished. And it’s all attached to them.

Describe how you create and maintain a creative team atmosphere:
  • Family lunches are a must. We eat lunch together almost everyday.
  • Celebrate everything! Birthdays, marriages, anything and everything.
  • Laugh together. Nothing brings a team together more than joy.
  • Collaborate often. My team does web, video, graphics, and photos, and everything is intertwined at all times. Our designers work with our web team, and our filmmakers bring in our designers. Collaboration is key to thriving together.
Describe your work environment and what helps you thrive in it.

I work in a large suite with most of our creative teams and our directors have offices that surround the suite. My office always has music on, an awesome manly smelling candle and usually someone from my team working with me or collaborating on some project or another.

Tell us the behind the scenes of the projects that come to life and we only see the end product.

Shine 2017 ( our women’s conference ) was my favorite project this past year and we had to make some HUGE changes three before the conference, and our team totally nailed it! I was so proud, from the branding to the opener / promos script, to the lobby, and the merch, and the custom boutique. It was one of the most intense, and epic collaborations we’ve ever done. Excited to see how we can one up it in 2018.

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Charise Orozco

Design + Film Director of Celebration Church

Charise Orozco (everyone just calls her Chari, pronounced Cha-dee, just to help you out) is part of @celebrationcreative and serves as the Design & Film Director at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

She is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus, as well as using her gifts of speaking, writing, and design to reach people and positively impact the lives of those around her.  When she is not working to steward the opportunity God gave her to serve the local church, you can find her reading too many books at once, and hanging out with her husband Esteban who also serves on staff at Celebration Church.