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About Pro Church Media

Pro Church Media is a publication and resource for Church Creative Leaders. Our aim is to inform, inspire, promote and celebrate our community. We have 3 main areas of focus: inspiration, resources and community. All three are meant to work together to give church leaders a comprehensive source for their church and creative ministry needs.

We provide everything to churches and ministries, large and small, for FREE. Which is why we find support through partnerships with organizations who have a similar mission and goal for our community.

We keep it simple: we want the best for churches, for designers, for creative leaders and for media providers. We partner with others who feel the same. Find out more below:

We don’t advertise.

We partner.

After working in the church media field for more than 10 years, our leadership team has learned a lot about the internal and external needs of churches specifically looking for creative church media. We want to help our community and promote awesome resources but also inform others so they can make the best decisions for their church. That’s why we make sure that every single part of Pro Church Media is carefully curated, including who we partner with. We truly believe we seek out and find the best of the best. Our partners are trusted sources backed 100% by Pro Church Media. Once you are a PCM partner, you are family. We will do our best to take care of you in a way that will serve our community with excellence.

How we work.

Our team will work with you to find out who you are and about who you would like to reach, develop strategies tailored to your needs and work with you on a single or on-going basis to find out how we can best get results for your organization. We realize that one-size does not fit all. So, we have provided a wide-array of options for our partners that can be tailored to fit the ever-changing needs of our community. We also realize that promotional needs change with different seasons – so we are crafting innovative, seasonal-specific opportunities ONLY for partners to make the most of those important times of year.

Our network.

Pro Church Media started as a community resource on Instagram. We not only shared inspiring features from awesome churches and ministries, but we also started to bring our community closer by giving more and more insider and exclusive glimpses into the real day-to-day life of creative ministry. Now, Pro Church Media is a publication and resource that keeps that type of exclusive and in-depth information at our heart. We support our community through featured artists, inspiration and news / social media networking on Instagram and Facebook / plus, we are developing new and innovative resources exclusively to be found on Pro Church Media.

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