12 Free Wallpapers to Prep For Easter

Over the next week, our entire community will be preparing, serving and celebrating the mysteries of Holy Week and ultimately the resurrection of our Lord on Sunday! What an awesome week! But, we know that with all of the celebrating means a lot of hard work by all of you. We want our community to know that we will be praying for each of you and your churches and communities this week. We have already seen some of the amazing preparations you have created and can’t wait to continue celebrating with you through Sunday (and beyond!). If you need a little extra motivation, we are excited to share with you some awesome motivational + Easter-inspired wallpapers for you to download and use on phones or social media.

These wallpapers were designed and photographed by community member, Adam Gil. Each one was designed and paired with fun & unique messages that will for sure keep you and your team motivated.

Be sure to thank Adam with a follow on social media and by checking out more of his work: adamcgil.com  | @adamcgil@acg.design

*To save these to your phone, simply select one and save or right-click to save these to you computer.

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